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According to reporter Chris Klippel, development of “Grand Theft Auto 6” is anything but optimal. The story and other game elements supposedly had to be changed several times, which is why we are waiting for official information until today.

Eight years after “Grand Theft Auto 5” was first published, there is still no sign of life regarding a successor. The reason for this could be difficulties in development.

This is what Chris Klippel, a reporter for, claims now Rockstar Mag. According to him, the development is “a great mess”.

“I can tell you that it was confirmed to me – and I cannot go into details – that to this day it is Rockstar’s most chaotic project since it was founded,” said Klippel.

The situation is even worse than with “Grand Theft Auto IV” and “Red Dead Redemption”, whose development was also bumpy: “In comparison, that’s nothing.”

Loss of personnel is a problem for Rockstar

Allegedly, the development of the ambitious open world project after the Departure of Dan Houser realigned. The co-founder of Rockstar Games was the creative mind behind titles like “Red Dead Redemption” or “GTA 5”. To this day, the exact reason for his departure is unknown.

Even Leslie Benzies and Lazlow Jones are no longer part of Rockstar Games. The loss of such important managers is difficult to compensate, which logically has a negative impact on the development of future projects. The plot is said to have been rewritten several times before Dan Houser’s departure.

According to Klippel, the game actually takes place in two different time periods. Already at “Project Americas” leak it was said that the action was set in the 70s and 80s. In addition, the game should be a bit more mainstream. The reporter wants to have seen the map, but does not want to give details. This wouldn’t make sense because a lot has changed in the meantime.

Klippel thinks: “Grand Theft Auto 6” was supposed to be announced last year. Established industry insiders such as Tom Henderson or Jason Schreier now believe that the release will not take place until 2025.

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Remaster of “Red Dead Redemption” planned

This month, GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition, a remastered collection is coming to the market. It will obviously not stay that way. In addition to the new “GTA”, the Rockstar reporter mentioned a remaster of “Red Dead Redemption”, which is to appear for the new generation consoles and the PC. The publication is still a long way off.

Again, you shouldn’t expect a “GTA IV” remaster. Klippel even suspects that the release of “GTA 5” for PS5 and Xbox Series X / S could be delayed for another month or two.

With this message, too, we have to point out that it is only unconfirmed information. The Rockstar executives have so far neither commented on “Grand Theft Auto 6” nor on a “Red Dead Redemption” remake.

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