Name and further details of the Quantic Dream project known?

At the end of the week we received new rumors about the “Star Wars” title, which is currently being developed by the “Heavy Rain” makers of Quantic Dream. As reported, the project is called “Star Wars Eclipse” and could be officially presented later this year.

Star Wars Eclipse: Name and further details of the Quantic Dream project known?

In September of this year we got a rumor that the “Heavy Rain” and “Detroit: Become Human” makers of Quantic Dream have been working on a new “Star Wars” title for more than a year and a half.

In a current podcast, the editors of Giantbomb gave further details that the studio would like to know. As reported, the title will be called “Star Wars Eclipse” and will be set in the time of the “Era of the High Republic”. This would mean that the story of “Eclipse” takes place around 200 years before the events of the films “Star Wars: Episode 1” to “Star Wars Episode 3”.

Official unveiling at Game Awards 2021?

In the “Era of the High Republic” both the Galactic Republic and the Order of the Jedi are at their peak and bring peace to the galaxy. The colleagues from Giantbomb would also like to know that “Star Wars Eclipse” will be announced for the foreseeable future. Revelations would be conceivable in the course of the Game Awards 2021 on December 9th or Disney’s Bring Home The Bounty campaign.

On the subject: Starwars: First unconfirmed gameplay details on the Quantic Dream project

Since official statements are still a long time coming, the rumors about the possible “Star Wars” title of Quantic Dream should be treated with the necessary caution. If the statements of various insiders correspond to the facts, then this time the French studio could pursue a much more action-heavy approach and also rely on a multiplayer component.

Source: Giant bomb

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