Evangelion: This was the first sketches of the EVA 01, NERV’s most powerful bioweapon


The EVA 01 is the most powerful weapon seen among the characters of Evangelion, because in addition to containing inside the soul of Yui Ikari (which has caused her to enter into a berseker), it also has the S2 Core that it managed to devour from the body of the angel Zeruel. Curiously, this gigantic being was not going to have the design that we know today, and for you to check, We show you below the first sketches that were made on it.

An Evangelion that looks more like a Mobile Suit than EVA

The initial sketches of the EVA 01, the imposing and monstrous wick in the Draws of Evangelion, fThey were made by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto around 1993, shortly before the anime began airing on TV Tokyo., but they were not shown to the public until 2000 thanks to the publication of the book Groundworks of Evangelion, the first collection of profiles and initial sketches of characters, as well as other curious facts about the series.

evangelion yoshiyuki sadamoto characters

The first version that had this powerful wick | Image: Khara

When looking at the initial designs that the EVA 01 had, we can see that from the beginning this robot already had that imposing profile, however, we can also see that the violet and green color that characterize it today were not found in these sketches. . Instead, a dazzling white accompanied by red lines were the colors worn by the armor of this Evangelion Unit.

Likewise, we can observe that the slim design of these robots had not been contemplated from the beginning by the creators of Evangelion. On the contrary: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto’s designs only reveal the influence that anime Mobile Suit Gundam had about the series, which explains the rough armor of the EVA 01.

evangelion manga characters

The interior of this Prototype Evangelion | Image: Khara

As you can see, the initial sketches of EVA 01 showed us a very different Evangelion Unit from the one we could later see in Neon Genesis Evangelion. Perhaps the first designs of said wick seem more threatening, but the truth is that for nothing in the world would we change the image of the purple giant that has protected Shinji for so many times.

And you, did you already know the first designs that Evangelion 01 Unit had?


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