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Experts indicate that the 2021 hurricane season could be coming to an end

Forecasters predict that activity in the Atlantic, under surprises, will remain quiet until the end of the season.

Forecasters predict that activity in the Atlantic, under surprises, will remain quiet until the end of the season.

Photo: Sean Rayford / Getty Images

After a fairly active start to the 2021 storm season in which up to five storms formed in July, it appears unlikely that the Atlantic will see another tropical storm through November 30. However, experts explain that despite the fact that the tropical winds from Africa have decreased significantly, there are meteorological phenomena that could form in the Caribbean, such as Hurricane Ida.

On the list of storm names assigned for 2021, only Wanda remainsAlthough it is unlikely to be used, forecasters recommend not being overconfident.

According AccuWeather, taking into account that the tropical activity in the Atlantic decreases in mid-October, it is that moment when the sea Statistically Caribbean produces a significant amount of storms in the tropics.

Hurricane Ida formed in the southern Caribbean Sea and caused multimillion-dollar destruction in Louisiana and Mississippi, which have not yet fully recovered from the passage of this phenomenon in August. On the other hand, Henri was born in an unusual way as a result of a complex of electrical storms northeast of the United States.

One of the more recent hurricanes, Nicholas, formed in the Bay of Campeche in the Gulf of Mexico, before gaining strength and making landfall in Texas as a Category 1 hurricane.

The media specialized in climate indicates that one of the reasons that could reduce the number of tropical storms is the wind shear.

“When there are strong winds, what we call wind shear, those strong winds will weaken the tropical systems, and that is why it has been so quiet since September 15, because we have had a tremendous amount of wind shear in the river basin. Atlantic, ”said a meteorologist from AccuWeather.

Nevertheless, this phenomenon could be affected by La Niña, a complex meteorological process that could “push” the shear north from the Pacific and expelled it from the Caribbean, which could lead to tropical storms before the end of the season or even after, a forecast that is not new.

In 2020 hurricane Iota, the most devastating of the past year, formed in late November and became a powerful Category 4 cyclone on the Saffir-Simpson scale when it made landfall in Nicaragua with winds of up to 155 miles per hour.

For its part, the most powerful hurricane of the 2021 season was Sam, although it did not make landfall anywhere, remained a powerful tropical phenomenon in the Atlantic for several days until it dissipated near Greenland.

The last recorded storm was Victor, which stayed relatively close to the African coast until it dissipated. Apparently and except for drastic changes in the Atlantic, the storm season could have its days numbered.

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