Floods in China leave 15 dead and more than 120,000 displaced

Floods in China have destroyed more than 20,000 homes since the beginning of October.

Floods in China have destroyed more than 20,000 homes since the beginning of October.

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At least 15 dead and three missing have left torrential rains in Shanxi, north China. About 20,000 houses were destroyed by the water due to the floods, according to the local CGTN media.

Local authorities indicated that the rains and floods in the Asian giant have affected almost two million people for the past few weeks. Of the total, 120,000 Shanxi residents have had to move to other provinces.

Torrential rains began in China on October 2, since then, water has damaged thousands of hectares of farmland and approximately 20,000 homes have been destroyed, according to the media.

The Chinese government estimates the total damage to be $ 800 million.But the number could rise as authorities report more water damage.

For its part, the state news agency Xinhua explained on Wednesday that the emergency situation caused by the rains and floods has stabilized in recent hours and detailed that river and stream water levels are below the alert level.

“The heavy rains that fell in Shanxi is the equivalent of three times the normal average precipitation for October in previous years, “said Xinhua.

In July, several floods affected the provinces of Henan and Hubei, killing more than 300 people and severe material damage.

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