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The developers at Young Horses did not initially plan to integrate new trophies into the unusual “Bugsnax” adventure with the upcoming “Isle of BIGsnax” expansion. But now they have let the fans wreak havoc.

Bugsnax: Free expansion

Last week, the responsible developers at Young Horses announced a free expansion for the unusual adventure “Bugsnax”. Under the name “Isle of BIGsnax”, some new oversized Bugsnaxes are to be found on an island and released for your research.

The developers had consulted quickly

However, the developers originally planned not to bring any new trophies into the game. The community of trophy collectors who wanted to be honored with a virtual trophy for their completed challenges was disappointed by this.

A player first asked via Twitter whether there would be new trophies. After the developers denied this, the fans had offered to come up with a trophy list for fun. The team then consulted.

Philip Tibotoski, the Co-Founder and President of Young Horses, said Regarding this: “We had seen these tweets and almost 20 minutes later the opinion in the team chat was: ‘I guess we are adding new trophies.'”

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Accordingly, the players can be prepared to collect new trophies in “Isle of BIGsnax”. However, no relevant details have been given so far.

“Bugsnax” has been available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC since November 2020. The new expansion is expected to be released over the next few years. A specific date has not yet been set.

Source: GameSpot

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