The coherent Accolades trailer for the new edition

At the end of September, Sony Interactive Entertainment and the developers at Kojima Productions published “Death Stranding: Director’s Cut” for the PlayStation 5. A few weeks after the release, the official Accolades trailer is now available.

Death Stranding Director's Cut: The coherent Accolades trailer for the new edition

At the end of September Kojima Productions, in cooperation with Sony Interactive Entertainment, sent the “Director’s Cut” for the unusual adventure “Death Stranding” into the running.

The “Director’s Cut” brought new content as well as technical improvements for the PlayStation 5 and could either be purchased separately or in the form of a chargeable upgrade for all owners of the Standard Edition. In order to lure players who are still undecided and to make the new edition palatable to them, the official Accolades trailer has now been made available, which, in addition to game scenes, also includes the obligatory positive quotes from the international trade press.

Technical improvements and new content

The improvements that “Death Stranding” received as part of the new release for the PlayStation 5 include two display modes that support 60FPS or, alternatively, 4K resolution. There is also various new content that will further expand the game mechanics of “Death Stranding”.

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Including the “Buddy Bot”, which can deliver freight autonomously. The “Cargo Launcher”, on the other hand, can be used to safely shoot cargo and objects to another location over a large distance. New story content in the Ruined Factory, a shooting range for testing weapons and a new weapon that can stun enemies are also included.

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