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As Bandai Namco Entertainment announced, the fighting title “Tekken 7” will be released in the form of the so-called “Legendary Edition”. In addition to the character roster of the original version, there are a total of eight download characters on board.

Tekken 7: Legendary Edition announced with eight downloadable characters

With the “Tekken 7: Legendary Edition”, those responsible at Bandai Namco Entertainment announced a new version of the fighting title originally published in 2017 at the end of the week.

Even if the name “Legendary Edition” suggests that, in addition to the main game, all previously published updates and downloadable content are on board, you should lower your expectations. As can be seen from the official announcement and the packaging of the “Tekken 7: Legendary Edition”, in addition to the 36 warriors of the main game, only eight of the 15 download characters published in the past are offered.

The release will take place next month

In detail we are dealing with Kunimitsu, Julia Chang, Armor King, Lei Wulong, Zafina, Ganryu, Craig Marduk and Anna Williams. On the one hand, the various spin-off characters such as Negan from “The Walking Dead” or Noctis from the Japanese role-playing game “Final Fantasy XV” are left out. The completely new characters who found their way into the “Tekken” series via DLC are also not included in the course of the new edition.

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There can therefore be no question of a complete package. The reactions of users to the official announcement are correspondingly mixed. If you are still interested in the “Tekken 7: Legendary Edition”, you can purchase it for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One from November 12, 2021.

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