“Life will also end”, the shocking message of the Mexican singer who wrote before being shot to death by hitmen during a show

Jorge Marshal, vocalist of the group Los Cougar's.

Jorge Marshal, vocalist of the group Los Cougar’s.

Photo: Video capture Jorge Marshal Facebook / Courtesy

Jorge Marshal, vocalist of the group Los Cougar’s was killed by hitmen apparently related to him drug trafficking when he was performing as a soloist in a bar in the municipality of Mante in the border state of Tamaulipas in Mexico.

The vocalist of the group The Cougar’s whose real name was Jorge Martínez Salazar was transferred to the General Hospital, located in the municipality of Ciudad Mante, where he died at 8:30 pm, local time, according to local media.

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According to reports from the authorities, a group of hitmen entered the establishment known as Bar Piedras Negras, to attack those present with firearms and without a word fired.

The interpreter of “My people” was shot three times during the attack, while two other people were injured, who were identified as Miguel Alonso, alleged manager of the bar, and a man known as Cheneke, owner of the business.

Although it is ruled out that the attack was against Marshal, the singer seemed to anticipate his death and left a farewell message.

And it is that a day before his death, the Mexican singer and composer wrote a message that has been considered a farewell letter.

“All cycles end, nothing is forever! Life will also end and love (pretended), and those who provide get tired, and cars run out, and go out of style. When you look in the mirror and you are no longer the same, “he wrote on his Facebook account.

Just on October 8, the Mexican singer had celebrated his birthday.

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