Othmane Bouarrass wins the bronze in the world of taekwondo

Our national taekwondo player, Othmane Bouaras, won the bronze medal in the finals of the World Taekwondo Championship “Boomza Challenge”, organized by the International Taekwondo Federation, via remote video technology, over a 12-day period, with the participation of 144 male and female players in the world representing 33 countries.
The tournament was held in 16 different categories..Boularas managed to win the bronze..He is the only Arab player to participate in the finals of the tournament. Boularas won the third bronze medal this season, after winning last month the bronze in the World Taekwondo Championship “3 Bumza Challenge”, and the bronze in the World Taekwondo Martial Games “Bumza” championship as well. This victory is a great achievement for taekwondo in Qatar at the level of a world championship, as the player previously won the gold medal at the 2018 World Beach Championships in Greece, the bronze in the 2019 Asian Championship in Indonesia, and the bronze in the Asian Championship in Lebanon 2020.
Ousmane Bouarrass, the player of our national taekwondo team, expressed his happiness for winning the bronze medal in the finals of the World Taekwondo Championship “Boomza Challenge”. “I had previously participated in the World Championships for the Pomoza Challenge and was called again to play in the final of the World Championship, where eight players from different countries of the world who reached the final were selected to compete once again for 60 points that contribute to raising their international ranking,” Boullaras said in a press statement. .
He added, “I managed to achieve the third place and the bronze medal by 25 points, and this is the first achievement in the history of Qatar, especially that this year I won three bronze medals in the world championships.”

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