My Hero Academia: Ibara Shiozaki will wrap you in her nets with this fantastic cosplay


Of all the characters of My hero academia who play a rather secondary role in the series, we have not met anyone who has stolen our attention as the beautiful Ibara Shiozaki. This heroine belongs to class 1-B of the UA Academy, and she is one of the most advanced students of her generation. For those reasons We loved this cosplay, as it is a faithful interpretation of the justice known as Vine.

One of the best class 1-B fighters!

my hero academia cosplay characters

A pretty spiritual heroine | Image: Bechter (Instagram)

When we see the work of the Russian Bechter, we realize that the cosplayer has decided to play Vine, one of the most powerful female characters in the series, wearing the school uniform of this heroine apprentice (which is prettier than the sports clothes of the UA Academy certainly).

In this way we warn that Bechter He is wearing a green wig, simulating the vegetation that sprouts from Ibara Shiozaki’s head, white shirt, tie, jacket and a pleated skirt.

my hero academia anime characters

No enemy would dare to touch her | Image: Bechter (Instagram)

In the following image from Bechter’s set we can see Ibara Shiozaki again, but with a certainly different profile: in a stoic and offensive posture, as if about to stop what appears to be a powerful attack.

my hero academia manga characters

Its vines surround everything | Image: Bechter (Instagram)

Ibara Shiozaki calm and observant, qualities that contrast enormously with how powerful her Gift, Creeper, is, with which she can provoke violent and destructive attacks. For this and other reasons, this cute vigilante has become the class 1-B student most loved by fans.

And you, what do you think of this cosplay from My hero academia?


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