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One of the biggest flaws of the Nintendo Switch is still there


Nintendo Switch owners have had issues with the console’s removable Joy-Con joysticks for years now, with users reporting strange joystick movement issues causing wrong inputs, even though they weren’t touched.

And the problems increased steadily over time. This was one of the platform’s biggest drawbacks. The company has been silent on the matter for years.

Nintendo declined to say if the new OLED-equipped Switch platform had fixed the problem. But the company is now largely breaking its silence, suggesting that the problem may never be fully addressed.

and in Question and Answer New about the development of the Nintendo Switch OLED, the company revealed that it has been making invisible improvements to the Joy-Cons to try to make them more reliable.

The controllers that came with the 2019 Nintendo Switch Lite are no different from those on the original 2017 Nintendo Switch. It is constantly being improved.

But Ko Shiota, the company’s CEO who also serves as the company’s general manager of technology development, basically says that Joy-Con will always erode over time.

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Nintendo never expects to completely solve the problem

“Tires wear out while the car is moving, as it is in constant contact with the ground to rotate it,” Shiota said. So with the same premise, we asked ourselves how we can improve durability, and not only that. But how can operability and durability coexist, something we deal with constantly.

He added: The Joy-Con analog stick parts aren’t something you can buy off the shelves but are custom designed. So we made a lot of considerations to improve it. In addition, we have improved the reliability test itself and continued to make changes to improve durability.

The company explains that the controllers included with the Nintendo Switch OLED model are the latest version with all the improvements, as are the controllers that come with the Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and the Joy-Con and Pro controllers.

“The analog stick parts have been constantly improved since launch, and we’re still working on the improvements,” says Deputy General Manager Toru Yamashita. And when Joy-Cons are repaired in a device, the company uses the latest versions of these Joy-Cons for the repairs as well.

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