Opposition criticizes the president of Mexico: “He will make a world ridiculous when talking about corruption”

López Obrador's anti-corruption discourse has been overshadowed by members of his family in contrary practices.

López Obrador’s anti-corruption discourse has been overshadowed by members of his family in contrary practices.

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On October 11, the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, announced his second trip abroad in the three years that his administration has been. It will be next November 9 and will travel to New York to participate in the UN Security Council to speak about corruption, a flag which he has boasted during his government.

Nevertheless, the opposition has not only criticized his vague interest in foreign policy, but under his government the fight against corruption has not been effective, as he says. One of them is the former presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya, who, in a video uploaded to social networks, denied that corruption in Mexico has ended as López Obrador assures

The politician, exiled from Mexico for allegedly being the victim of political persecution, he disqualified the assistance of the Mexican president to the United Nations (UN), which he described as “a world ridiculous”.

Only “in the alternate world in which López Obrador lives ”the corruption is over, Anaya said in the video, where she also questions, “Really? Doesn’t any policeman in the country ask for a bite anymore? Let’s see, for any procedure in the last year they have asked you for money? ”.

In the video, Anaya also assures that the president’s “magic formula” of “sweeping the stairs from top to bottom” to end corruption has not worked because on the contrary, he points out, “The facts show that corruption is still entrenched in the highest levels of government”.

“It is also corruption to protect (Emilio) Lozoya and to persecute opponents (as Anaya himself says),” added the opposition politician in the recording.

Scandals of the López Obrador family

Despite the fight against corruption in Mexico that Andrés Manuel López Obrador boasts, different events have caused controversy by involving members of his family in practices contrary to political discourse.

Even several relatives of the president were involved in controversies for receiving credits, contracts or money.

Between lThe most famous are those of his brothers Pío and Martín López Obrador. The first exhibited receiving bundles of bills from the former collaborator of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), David León Romero, presumably to sponsor Morena. Martín for his part, was also captured under the same script, with thousands of pesos in cash during a meeting with the same León.

Meanwhile, another scandal was that of his cousin Felipa Obrador, whose Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) confirmed the existence of contracts for more than 365 million pesos during the current administration.

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