Qatar Cool plants 300 trees, supports MME’s ‘Plant Million Trees’ initiative

Doha: Qatar Cool planted 300 trees in one of its district cooling facilities in the West Bay area to show its support for the Ministry of Municipality and Environment’s (MME) programme “Plant a Million Trees.”

The programme was launched in 2019 as part of Qatar’s international pledge to reduce carbon emissions and support the Paris Agreement. The goal of the effort is to increase biodiversity, use treated water for irrigation, improve air quality, expand green space, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Located in West Bay, the cooling plant has its own garden connecting the Thermal Energy Storage Tank with the main cooling plant building. As the first LEED-certified plant in Qatar, the cooling plant includes a garden among its many environmental features.

“Qatar Cool are active in our efforts to further improve and advance sustainable operations in the district cooling industry. Furthermore, giving back to our community and supporting our country is paramount, we are a proud Qatari company and that reflects in everything we do, we will continue to make every effort to make Qatar a greener more sustainable environment,” said Qatar Cool’s CEO Yasser Al Jaidah.

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