Qatar International Islamic Bank named as the ‘Strongest Islamic Retail Bank in Qatar’

Doha: As part of the ‘Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) 2021,’ Qatar International Islamic Bank (QIIB) was named the ‘Strongest Islamic Retail Bank in Qatar.’

The award recognises QIIB’s pioneering position in Islamic retail banking as well as the significant strides the bank has achieved in this area. On behalf of QIIB, Omar Abdulaziz al Meer, Chief of Business Development and Alternative Channels, received the award at the 2021 IRBA awards ceremony.

Despite the current economic uncertainties and challenges, the IRBA Awards Committee recognised QIIB’s remarkable performance in 2021 and dedication to attaining client satisfaction by offering the highest standards of quality service.

With no need to physically visit a branch, the Committee applauded the QIIB’s continued efforts to integrate digital innovation into numerous banking services and products.

During the COVID-19 scenario, this had a favourable influence on customer satisfaction, resulting in positive financial performance throughout the bank’s diverse operations. Qatar International Islamic Bank was recognised by the IRBA Awards Committee for its profitable expansion last year.

Given its excellent infrastructure and trained and experienced employees, the Committee expects QIIB to continue to operate well and advance in the Islamic banking market. The QIIB has also been credited with successfully bringing together all of the aspects that lead to the success and profitability of Islamic banks across the world, according to the organisation.

“We are extremely pleased to see QIIB being recognised as ‘Strongest Islamic Retail Bank in Qatar’ by the Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA). This is a major achievement and demonstrates the commitment of the bank to focus on growth and customer satisfaction, anchored on Qatar’s strong economy and the great opportunities it offers for different business sectors in the country, especially banking,” noted Dr Abdulbasit Ahmad Al Shaibei, QIIB Chief Executive Officer.

Dr Al Shaibei said, “The success and achievements of the bank are the results of the economic prosperity and robust growth opportunities that Qatar offers to the banking sector, leading to robust capital adequacy ratios and high credit ratings of Qatari banks by major global rating agencies.

“The high level of government support has ultimately contributed to boosting confidence among the local and international business sector in the Qatari banking industry, which continued to achieve high performance amid unprecedented challenges.

“QIIB has made remarkable achievements over the past period in both our corporate and retail banking businesses. Furthermore, our customer base has expanded significantly, thanks to our rapid and efficient response to the emerging conditions amid the spread of the coronavirus pandemic by accelerating the shift to digital banking.

“We have turned challenges into opportunities and have achieved further improvement in our operating environment by providing our customers with online access to a range of products and banking services through various digital channels. These practices have helped us achieve higher performance and stronger results, and thus meeting our stakeholders’ expectations.

“The Bank will continue to pursue its strategy and create value by attracting new customers, improving the quality and efficiency of its services, and focusing on product diversification and innovation. These will be achieved by focusing on strategic initiatives that deliver operational excellence and yield the greatest value for our bank in particular, and the Islamic banking sector in general,” stated QIIB’s Chief Executive Officer.

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