September 2021 was the fifth warmest month on Earth on record

The world just saw its fifth warmest September since 1880, according scientists from the National Centers for Environmental Information of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

September added to a series of warm months for 2021 thus far, making it the sixth warmest year on record to date.

According to him Global Annual Temperature Rankings Outlook of the NCEI, is 2021 will almost certainly be among the 10 warmest years on record.

Here are more highlights from NOAA’s September global climate report:

– The average global temperature for September was 1.62 degrees F (0.90 of a degree C) above the 20th century average of 59.0 degrees F (15.0 degrees C), making September 2021 the fifth warmest September in the 142-year climate record.

– The eight warmest September months in the world have occurred since 2014.

– From a regional point of view, the southern hemisphere had its warmest September on record, while the northern hemisphere had its fifth warmest.

– South America and Africa had the warmest September on record, while North America had its third warmest September and Asia saw its ninth warmest.

Year to date: January 1 to September 2021

The average global temperature of the year was the sixth warmest on record at 1.49 degrees F (0.83 of a degree C) above the 20th century average.

The Northern Hemisphere temperature of the year was also the sixth warmest at 1.93 degrees F (1.07 degrees C) above average, while the Southern Hemisphere tied with 2014 for the ninth warmest year to date at 1.06 degrees F (0.59 degrees C) above average.

Other notable weather events

Arctic sea ice reached its annual minimum: According to an analysis of the external link of the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), the extent (coverage) of the Arctic sea ice reached its minimum annual extent on September 16, 2021, marking the end of the summer melt and the beginning of the winter growing season. The minimum annual extent of 1.82 million square miles (4.72 million square kilometers) was the largest since 2014, but ranked as the twelfth smallest since records began in 1979.

A busy month and year for tropical cyclones: the global tropical cyclone count for 2021 through the end of September was 75 named storms, the fifth highest number of named storms recorded in this nine-month period.

The Atlantic basin recorded 10 named storms last month, which tied 2020 and 2010 for the highest number of named storms on record in September.


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