Shooting outside Miami Dade police station ends with two police officers injured and one suspect killed

Police line.

Police line.

Photo: Scott Olson / Getty Images

A shooting took place this Friday in front of a station of the Police Department of Miami dade, in which two policemen were injured and a suspect died, as detailed by the police agency.

The suspect died “as a result of the shooting with the officers”, detailed to CNN Doral Police spokesman Rey Valdés.

During a press conference, Valdés explained that the event occurred after 11:00 am after a discussion between two people. The dispute increased and one of the two people involved wanted to flee in a vehicle, Valdés explained.

He said a Doral police officer observed the man as he lost control of his vehicle, then the suspect got out of the car and began shooting at the officer, according to Valdes’ statements.

At that time, two officers managed to subdue the suspect, who died on the spot, while one of the policemen suffered a scratching wound to his face, which is not clear if it was from a projectile or glass.

The other police officer was injured in the chest, but he was wearing his bulletproof vest, according to Valdés, and also suffered injuries to his arms and a leg.

A passerby also suffered leg injuries. “I was in the wrong place, at the wrong time,” Valdes said.


The other person who was involved in the discussion was detained and is under police questioning to determine what led to the shooting, according to Valdés.

Miami Dade Police reported at the time on their official Twitter account that police activity was taking place in the area following the event.

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