Sony is apparently acquiring stake in Devolver Digital

According to recent reports, Sony bought Devolver Digital as part of its IPO. There is talk of a 5 percent stake.

According to a report, Sony Interactive Entertainment has acquired a five percent stake in Devolver Digital and thus a minority stake in the US publisher. The company has been listed on the London Stock Exchange since today.

Fieldfisher, a European law firm advising Devolver, stated that the publisher had received “a significant strategic investment from a major industry player.” The report of Games industry According to this, it is a 5 percent investment by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Worth almost a billion dollars

“An IPO is the right decision for us to secure our further growth and to support even more wonderful games”, says Devolver CEO Douglas Morin. “Most importantly, it allows us to maintain our culture.”

Devolver raised $ 261 million (£ 190 million) on admission to the AIM, a sub-market of the London Stock Exchange, valued at $ 950 million (£ 694.6 million) for the publisher.

Founded in 2009 and based in Austin, Texas, the company publishes many indie games, including Hotline Miami, Fall Guys and, most recently, Death’s Door. Upcoming titles include “Weird West”, “Shadow Warrior 3”, “Demon Throttle” and “The Talos Principle 2”.

In an update to the official website, Devolver explained what converting to a public company will mean for the future of the company.

“That means Devolver Digital will be able to keep investing in all of the games we’re working on, partnering up for new games we couldn’t consider before, and more of the good people with whom we like to work together to add to our roster of consummate video game professionals, ”it says.

Previous reports on Sony holdings:

Sony Interactive Entertainment is also making headway. The PS5 maker announced last week that its development workforce rose nearly 20 percent this fiscal year after the company acquired a number of studios. But minority stakes are not new to Sony either. and further acquisitions and mergers are planned.

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