Specialists predict thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods in the Midwest

Although bad weather is expected to last into the middle of the week, there are two other storms on their way to the west coast of the country.

Although bad weather is expected to last into the middle of the week, there are two other storms on their way to the west coast of the country.

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Kansas City, St. Louis, Joplin, Missouri and Little Rock, Arkansas will be threatened this Sunday night by thunderstorms, heavy rain and even a tornado hit Kansas on Saturday. These weather conditions in the Midwest that will move to the East of the country are due to one of the three bomb cyclones coming from the Pacific that threaten the United States.

As reported AccuWeather, a factor influencing the creation of severe weather in the West is due to the combination of warm air from the Pacific and a cold front from the south. As both phenomena come into contact, will trigger thunderstorms and rain in several regions of the Midwest.

For example, in much of Missouri thunderstorms will affect several of the state’s major highways, so meteorologists recommend not traveling through areas such as Interstate 44 Sunday night.

While it is true that very strong winds are expected in the Midwest, which could even collapse loaded trucks, tornadoes may be created that could affect structures, homes, and even people.

On the other hand, from Iowa to Cleveland there will be continuous and torrential rains this Sunday as part of the severe weather. According to AccuWeather, rainfall will drop up to 8 inches of water in a single night.

By Monday, the Ohio and Tennessee river valleys, the southern Appalachians, and the The foothills of the Carolinas could witness rain, hail, and occasional tornadoes as well as thunderstorms., although a little milder compared to those recorded in recent days.

For its part, Knoxville, Tennessee, Charleston, West Virginia, Charlotte, North Carolina, and Roanoke, Virginia are some of the areas that will suffer some of the bad weather at the beginning of next week.

By midweek, some of the bad weather will hit New York and Boston where it is expected to strengthen and bring heavy rains.

Even though bad weather is out on the East Coast by Wednesday afternoon, another bomb cyclone will arrive in the country that same day and will affect the West by hot climates coming from the south with that phenomenon and cause more rounds of severe weather in the Midwest of the United States.

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