Because of their performance in the QNB Stars League.. Stars disappointed!!

Al Rayyan players most failed with Al Sailiya, Al Ahly and Al Khor
They did not provide the required addition and caused the levels and results to decline

Some big teams and some other teams shocked their fans after the failure, the poor results and the declining technical levels they achieved so far in the QNB Stars League, and after 10 rounds of the championship, where they occupied lagging places in addition to the unconvincing results and levels.
Perhaps the most prominent of these popular and big teams are Al-Rayyan, Al-Ahly and Al-Sailiya, along with Al-Khor.
Many reasons contributed to these undesirable results and unsatisfactory levels, but the most prominent of them are some stars, names and professionals who disappeared and did not deliver what was expected of them and disappointed their fans, at least until now.
Al-Raheeb is one of the teams whose stars have disappointed the hopes and aspirations of the Riyan nation, led by the duo Yassin Brahimi and Yohan Poli, who are considered among the most degraded players and professionals, and who moved away from their well-known level, especially Brahimi, who is no longer the same as it was in his first season due to the injury that affected his His performance was a lot, while Polly was completely off his level and proved unworthy to lead Al Rayyan’s offensive line.
There are two other stars in Al Rayyan who did not appear at their known level, the Colombian James Rodriguez and the French Nzonzi. It is clear that the Colombian stopped a lot of football and matches, so he moved away from the level that the world knows, and proved his need for a longer time to restore his level and performance, which is not in the interest of the team that He suffers and seeks to get out of this suffering, and the Frenchman, despite his readiness, has not provided anything or added to the team and midfield since joining Al-Raheeb.

Ahly shock
Al-Ahly stars caused the biggest shock to their fans because of their complete disappearance, and because of the unexpected decline of the dean, technically and digitally.
All expectations were that the Uruguayan Hernan Perez, who starred with the team last season and contributed to the fifth place, then disappeared this season completely, along with the Nigerian striker Patrick Friday, and the evidence is the modest performance of the attacking line, who scored only 5 goals in 9 games!! Against 13 goals last season, and with this duo, the new players are Serbian Marko Jevitovic, Iranian Mohammed Hussein Kanaani and Moroccan Sofiane Bovetini, who did not achieve any addition to the team.
The disappearance of Silawi
Perhaps one of the biggest teams that disappointed its fans is the Al Sailiya team, especially since its decline was great and very painful, as its results declined dramatically until it reached the penultimate position, a position that the Shaheen was not accustomed to, especially in recent seasons, as it was one of the square’s sides. Golden, and also one of the teams in the center and safety.
We do not believe that Al Sailiya achieved only 5 points in 9 matches in one season, although these numbers are clear evidence of the unexpected level of its professionals, especially the new ones who were very reliable, led by the Norwegian striker Gama Diamond, who was not at the level, and with him the Tunisian heart of the defense Nassim Hanid and Moroccan midfielder Idris Fattouhi. With a simple look at the Al-Shawaheen numbers, we will find that the Silouia net shook 18 times, while the team scored only 6 goals.
Al Khor
And if we talk about Al Khor, the last and the bottom, our conversation will not be new, as we raised this issue for a long time and confirmed that the great defect in the club is not related to the coach as much as it relates to the quality of players, especially professionals and some local stars who proved that they did not provide any addition or any New to the team, and we talked about the professionals, including the new South Korean Ko Ja-chul from Al-Gharafa, and also the Brazilian Kaiki from Umm Salal, who has played only two matches so far. The Brazilian did not present anything new, although he participated with the team in many matches.
As for the Barzan Hawks, they began to show their capabilities after the National Wissam Rizk took over the coaching mission, and he was able to present his team’s best matches in the last round of the league, in which they beat Al Wakra 4-1. Then on Duhail. With Wissam, he began to correct the situation of the players. It seems that the winter transfer period next January will witness some changes in most of the teams’ ranks, in order to strengthen their ranks to save what can be saved.

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