The United States’ commitment to strengthen the global legal framework against gender-based violence

The commitment of the White House in the fight for gender equality, inside and outside the United States.

The commitment of the White House in the fight for gender equality, inside and outside the United States.

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The United States published its first strategy to promote gender equality nationally and globally, which includes a commitment to strengthen the legal framework against sexist violence that he considers “endemic” both in his country and in the world.

The White House published its National Strategy on Gender Equity and Equality, a 42-page document that involves the first time the US government has set a series of specific objectives related to equality in their national and international politics.

The plan was developed by White House Gender Policy Council, created in March and which is the first entity dedicated to gender equality in the United States, whose members directly advise the US President, Joe Biden.

The strategy identifies ten “interconnected priorities”: economic security, gender violence, health, education, justice and immigration, human rights and equality under the law, security and humanitarian relief, climate change, science and technology; and democracy and leadership.

Gender-based violence is endemic in homes, schools, workplaces, the Armed Forces, communities and on the internet, and too often it is part of conflicts and humanitarian crises, ”the document says.

National and global laws and policies

Because, The United States “will work to eliminate gender violence” Through the “development and strengthening of national and global laws and policies, the investment in comprehensive services for the survivors, and the increased prevention efforts“, It indicates.

Specifically, the White House will take advantage of its contacts with other countries to express its support for “the approval and implementation of stronger national laws ”and stronger“ international frameworks ” to combat this scourge, says the document.

“In Central America, the economic insecurity of women and gender violence contribute to the root causes of migration,” emphasizes, for example, the text.

Within the United States, the White House will create a national plan of action to end gender violence, which will seek to address “the root causes of these problems”, as well as “increase options and opportunities for survivors”.

One third of Americans

Sexist violence affects a third of American women at some point in their lives, and has an ally in firearms: an average of 53 women die each month murdered shot by his partner, according to the gun control organization Everytown.

The immediate priority of the White House is that Congress re-approve a law against sexist violence known in English by its initials, VAWA, which dates from 1994 and was endorsed periodically until the conservatives let it expire in 2019.

The strategy also raises the need to act against “sexual violence in conflict”, the risks for women who are activists or politicians, and the “crisis of missing or murdered indigenous women” in the US; in addition to promoting the fair treatment of people detained in the Justice or immigration systems.

They are also part of the plan to defend access to a “safe and legal” abortion in the United States, where the Supreme Court could repeal next year the decision that legalized this practice at the national level in 1973, and the promotion of “sexual and reproductive health rights” around the world.

Furthermore, the White House promises fight the “maternal mortality crisis in the United States”, which has a “disproportionate impact on black and Native American women,” and reduce that scourge internationally as well. The promotion of “gender parity and diversity” in leadership roles, “included in peace processes, national security, defense and global health”, as well as in the private sector, is another of the strategy’s priorities.

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