They capture the ‘Maturana’, a narco link with the Mexican cartel Nueva Generación

Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza, alias Maturana, was captured by the Colombian police.

Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza, alias Maturana, was captured by the Colombian police.

Photo: Photo taken from the Anti-Narcotics Police / Courtesy

The Antinarcotics Directorate of the Colombian Police announced that after a raid against five people requested in extradition They managed to capture the renowned businessman of dry palm crops for fuel production, Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza, alias Maturana.

Although the capture of the renowned businessman has caused astonishment, what raises the surprise is that the Anti-narcotics Police points out that he is a “narco pure ”requested in extradition by the court of the Southern District of Florida of the United States for the crimes of conspiracy to distribute and possess cocaine.

According to Antinarcotics and the Attorney General’s Office and the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, DEA for its acronym in English, Maturana used his company and exportation as a front to launder millionaire sums of money left by the cocaine trade.

Among the evidence that the United States has to request Maturana’s extradition is the seizure of three tons of high-purity cocaine on the high seas.

According to the newspaper El Tiempo, since 2018 an international organization dedicated to drug trafficking was identified that called itself “Los Maturana”, which had a presence in Cauca and Nariño in Colombia, where it not only had production centers, but also a stockpiling of cocaine to take advantage of the exit from the sea and the border position with Ecuador.

Maturana, key piece in the New Generation

It has also caused astonishment that Jhonis Enrique Boya Meza was the key record in Colombia of the Mexican cartel Nueva Generación which is why arms trafficking becomes one more ingredient in this network.

Likewise, it has been announced that Maturana facilitated the trafficking of war material, weapons, ammunition, explosives and communication elements of Daniel Aldana.

The other people who were also captured and who have also been requested in extradition by the United States Federal Court are: Belcy Gómez Murcia, known as the alias of James Rodríguez or the Lady, was in charge of the financing for the production of cocaine and its subsequent shipment to Ecuador and the United States.

Cali Alejandro Alberto Estupiñán, alias “Porcelana”, was the one who was dedicated to coordinating the transportation of cocaine by land using the border of Ecuador.

Clemente Riascos Coral, alias “Pastuso”, and Carlos Ernesto Angucho Guerrero accused of coordinating the shipment of cocaine in the United States.

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