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VIDEO: A women’s fight would have caused an armed attack in a bar where 6 were killed

VIDEO: A women's fight would have caused an armed attack in a bar where 6 were killed

VIDEO: A women’s fight would have caused an armed attack in a bar where 6 were killed

Photo: Video capture El Diario Narco / Courtesy

A women’s fight would have caused the armed attack that killed six young men in the vicinity of the bar “Cantina the 25 Brewery” on Morelia, capital of the state of Michoacán, in Mexico.

According to social media accounts that account for drug trafficking activity in Mexico, they point out that the fight between two women caused moments later the hitmen to shoot the group of young people who were outside the nightclub.

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In the scenes it is seen how one of them is the one that gives several blows to the other until they fell to the ground while other men watched them. And after they fell, a subject who was in the vehicle got out of it for it, this while it was heard that a Selena song was played in the place.

The time of the fight is unknown, but the Armed aggression was reported at approximately 3:30 a.m. on Avenida Enrique Ramírez 150, in an area from the capital of Michoacán where there are supermarkets and a shopping plaza.

In a video from the security cameras of the bar, it was recorded how at least 20 young people were outside the establishment when two individuals with small arms, who got out of a truck, started shooting at point-blank range, and then fled.

DAs a result of this attack, three people lost their lives at the scene and five more were injured. they had been transferred to different hospitals, where the death of three of them was later reported while receiving medical attention.

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