VIDEO: Girl is invaded by hundreds of lice

VIDEO: Girl is invaded by hundreds of lice

VIDEO: Girl is invaded by hundreds of lice

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A Texas Girl Was Infested With Hundreds Of Lice and the video where the tiny insects feed on it, went viral on social networks.

The girl had to be taken to a specialized center to help herWell, just a few weeks after starting classes, my head was already infested with lice.

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The impressive video was shared on the TikTok social network to alert parents about the spread of this plague that can affect anyone regardless of whether their hair is short or long, dirty or clean.

Everything indicates that girl started scratching her head, but neither she nor her parents gave it importance so the lice multiplied rapidly

When they realized the problem, the girl already had hundreds of these insects on her head, which judging by the scenes could be seen from afar, so the parents took her to a center specialized in treatments for the lice removal.

Lice are very, very small insects and they invade their victim by contagion through another person who carries them, either by direct contact or by sharing personal hygiene items such as brushes, combs or towels.

Additionally, lice are known to crawl when it comes to moving, as they are unable to jump or fly.

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