VIDEO: Sand storms in Brazil leave at least six dead

Four of the six deaths in Brazil from the sand storms occurred in Sao Paulo.

Four of the six deaths in Brazil from the sandstorms occurred in Sao Paulo.

Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / Getty Images

In recent days, the inhabitants of the southeast of Brazil have witnessed sand storms as a result of the severe drought that the country is experiencing. So far, six people have lost their lives due to strong winds in the region.

As reported by AFP, the winds produced the fall of several trees, damaged houses and structures that caused the death of the six people. The storms began at the end of September in the cities of Franca, Ribeirao Preto and Frutal, in the interior of the states of Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais.

Winds from storms exceed 62 miles per hour, causing debris to break loose and any debris on the ground can become a projectile life threatening.

In a way, they are common events, but not of this magnitude as we have seen in 2021. It is the result of a long period of low rainfall, high temperature and low humidity “meteorologist Estael Sias told AFP.

According to AccuWeather, the dry season in Brazil was much more severe than usual, as they calculated that rainfall in the year was reduced by 40% in total.

Brazil faces its worst drought in 91 years, which has resulted in a critical decline in reservoir levels across the country causing an energy crisis and constant rises in electricity bills.

Weather conditions in 2021 have not benefited the South American country. According to AP, the low temperatures that were registered in July caused “a gap” in coffee production, in which Brazil is one of the main suppliers worldwide. Although they did not estimate large long-term losses, it did cause an increase in the price of grain.

Experts told AP that corn was one of the items affected by the drought in that country. They estimate that 25% of the country’s total harvest was lost at the national level “because soybeans were delayed”Product of high temperatures.

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