China says goodbye to anime; prohibit content deemed violent and indecent


The Chinese government has given cause to speak again, since this time issued the order to ban all anime that comes to be considered as violent, vulgar and even pornographic, since the infantile and young public is the main consumer of the animation. It is a new measure to regulate anime.

According to the Chinese central government, The order was made through the National Administration of Radio and Television of the country, at the same time that he assured that the Japanese are the ones who have the obligation to regulate the type of messages they want to transmit to the youth.

In that sense, it will be the same government of China who will decide which you encourage if they promote values ​​of the Communist Party of China and which ones do not.

Violent anime banned China

China seeks to regulate anime in its country | Source: TOHO Animation

China also bans effeminate characters

It is not the first time that the country has been involved in controversy, since a few weeks ago it announced the prohibition of effeminate characters from anime and video games, a regulation that has already entered into force and even some anime series are no longer available on streaming services in China.

Despite the fact that the regulatory institution of China has not given explanations about it, These measures seek to promote the healthy growth of the young population. However, the otaku community did not welcome the news, as their favorite characters are removed with no other option.

Nanatsu no Taizai china violent anime

It also seeks to remove the effeminate characters | Source: Netflix

A very clear example is the withdrawal of anime broadcasts Ultraman Tiga, which continues the stories of the steel giant of the franchise that is in charge of protecting the Earth, since it is a tokutsatsu genre, that is, real action live with special effects.

China is a country that has its own transmission and streaming restriction policies, so the series cannot be seen otherwise, in case they are withdrawn.


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