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Committee Investigating Capitol Robbery Cites Lawyer Who Helped Donald Trump

According to the report, Trump considered replacing then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark.

According to the report, Trump considered replacing then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen with Jeffrey Clark.

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The select committee of the House of Representatives that investigates the assault on Capitol on January 6, he summoned Jeffrey Clark, a Justice Department official who was instrumental in helping the then president Donald trump in their efforts to revoke the 2020 elections, the committee announced Wednesday.

Former Acting Attorney General Jeffrey rosen He also met in person with the committee for about eight hours Wednesday, according to a person familiar with the matter. Rosen held the position during the last days of the administration Trump, according CNN.

Investigations by both officials underscore the panel’s interest in learning more about how Trump tried to pressure senior officials to investigate allegations of voter fraud during the former president’s final days in office, a topic that the committee says is a focal point of its extensive research on the events. around January 6.

Clark and Rosen featured heavily in a recent report issued by Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee, which highlighted the ruthlessness of Trump and some of his top advisers as they became obsessed with using the Justice Department to prop up false conspiracy theories about the elections.

The Senate report, which provided the most comprehensive account yet of Trump’s efforts to roll back the election to date, described his conduct as an abuse of presidential power.

While select committee chairman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, previously said the panel views the Senate report as a useful resource in its investigation, the committee now makes clear that it wants to hear directly from former Department of Justice officials. Justice.

Jeff Clark, appointed as head of environmental law appointed by Trump at the Justice Department, he has become an important figure in the emerging narrative about the behind-the-scenes efforts of Trump and his closest allies to orchestrate a leadership coup at the Justice Department and peddling lies about election fraud.

Washington Post was the first to report that Clark could be cited on Wednesday. Political first reported on Wednesday’s committee interview with Rosen.

Based on documents uncovered by the Senate Judiciary Committee, which did its own investigation, Clark wrote a letter on Dec. 28 to Georgia officials falsely claiming that the Department of Justice had found voting irregularities that affected the Presidential election results in various states.

By then, the Justice Department had made it clear that it found no evidence of election fraud. Clark wanted Rosen and Donoghue to sign the draft of the letter, but they both refused.

Clark’s subpoena letter occurs when the committee faces a big week of citation deadlines for people they have previously served. Kash Patel and Steve Bannon are scheduled for depositions on Thursday, and Mark Meadows and Dan Scavino are scheduled for depositions the next day.

While the committee has shared that Patel and Meadows are engaging with them, they were only recently able to successfully serve the subpoenas to Scavino, and Bannon has so far been uncooperative.


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