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Immigrant advocates put a “stop” on Biden for breaking promises

Immigrant advocates criticize the Biden Administration for its slow progress on immigration issues.

Immigrant advocates criticize the Biden Administration for its slow progress on immigration issues.

Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images

The last weekend, leaders of civil organizations connected to a virtual meeting with members of the president’s government team Joe biden, but only to make it clear that they are “fed up” with the broken promises on immigration matters, especially after the announcement in the restart of the program “Remain in Mexico.” After that, they disconnected from the meeting.

Asylum advocates from the southern border and national allies left a meeting with high-level Biden officials in protest of the government’s plans to reestablish the cruel and inhumane ‘Remain in Mexico’ program of the Trump era, “the organizations said in a joint statement.

Activists, such as the Welcome with Dignity coalition, They also criticize the application of Title 42 for expedited deportation of people under public health arguments due to the COVID-19 pandemic..

The relationship between activists and the Biden Administration is getting worse and now they assure that they will not meet again with those responsible for immigration policies until they have a plan on how they will cancel the “Remain in Mexico” program, also known as Migrant Protection Protocols (MPP).

Luis Guerra, defender of the rights of immigrants and member of the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), recognized the high level of “tiredness and fatigue” of these groups due to the government’s position, which led them to leave the meeting with a dozen of senior government officials.

“There is a disappointment, a frustration (with the Government) such as has not existed before”, he assured.

In his opinion, there is no possible way to make MPP a “humane” policy, as the federal government intends, since this measure created in 2019 by the government of former President Donald Trump is “inhuman and racist”.

A federal court ordered the Biden Administration to reinstate the program after ruling in favor of a lawsuit filed by the states of Texas and Missouri last April, arguing that the White House had improperly terminated the policy.

Activists believe that the Government has had enough time to issue a new memorandum that addresses the concerns of the court when it ordered their reinstatement, and thus formally end the program that forces asylum seekers to stay in Mexican territory while their cases are resolved in the US and that, it is estimated, has affected more than 60,000 people.

Since the meeting was abandoned, Guerra explained, there has been no reaction or response to what happened by any of the parties and that in order to resume this type of meeting that until now it had regularly held with the Administration, one condition must be given: the Government you must communicate your “plans to end MPP” to them immediately.

“The Government has the opportunity to do so, but they only tell us that it will arrive” soon “, but the weeks go by and they do not know how and when it will” fulfill its electoral promise “to suspend” Remain in Mexico. “

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