Latest bomb cyclone left record rainfall, heavy snowfall and flooding across the West Coast of the United States

Over the weekend, more than 300,000 people were without power due to heavy rains and winds from the last bomb cyclone from the Pacific.

Over the weekend, more than 300,000 people were without power due to heavy rains and winds from the last bomb cyclone from the Pacific.

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The last bomb cyclone from the Pacific left serious remnants as it passed through another west coast of the United States. Record rains, floods, snowfall and very strong winds that killed two people are among the consequences of the storm that hit California, Oregon and Washington over the weekend.

Torrential rains did nothing but cause flooding and break records. During the San Francisco weekend received 4.02 inches of rain versus 2.38 in 2009. Days before, the city in northern California experienced up to 5 straight days of rain. To find a similar record, you have to go back to the time of the gold rush, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Like in San Francisco, Sacramento also experienced record-breaking rainfall over the weekend. At 5.44 inches of water it narrowly beat the 1880 record when 5.28 inches of water fell. At Sacramento Executive Airport, 5.41 inches fell, that is equivalent to 81% of total rainfall in the area during the year.

Further north, in Reno, Nevada, 2.65 inches of rain fell and surpassed the 2.65 record in 2010. Although it was not great rainfall, it was strong enough to cause some landslides and rock slides at Carson Pass and Mt. Rose Summit, according to The Reno Gazette Journal.

On the other hand, in Santa Bárbara, the rains did not break any records, but they were intense enough for authorities to issue evacuation orders to thousands of residents over the weekend.

The last of the bomb cyclones also led to outages and outages. in Oregon, California and Washington. Total, nearly 300,000 people lost power over the weekend and despite the fact that the authorities have been restoring electricity this Monday, there are still thousands of people without electricity between those three states.

The storms not only brought rain, but also produced heavy snowfall in the higher areas of the West Coast. In the Sierra Nevada, winds exceeded 100 miles per hour and Mammoth Muntain even recorded gusts of almost 200mph. Additionally, up to 24 inches of snow fell on Donner Pass.

Those same winds killed two people in Seattle after a tree fell on top of a vehicle while several areas were without electricity due to the fall of some light poles.

Although the three bomb cyclones dissipated, the remnants could create bad weather in the Midwest and Eastern United States on weekdays. The combination of this climate with the warm winds coming from the south, could cause electrical storms and even tornadoes in several states.

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