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Natural disasters impact the Mexican territory as much as its economy

Mexican territory under inclement weather.

Mexican territory under inclement weather.

Photo: JOEL COSIO / AFP / Getty Images

The disasters in Mexico affected 858,735 people in 2020, caused the death of another 398 and its economic impact increased 202% annually, until $ 31,862 million pesos.

The report Socioeconomic impact of the main disasters that occurred in Mexico, presented by the National Center for Disaster Prevention, Cenapred, he realized that they also caused damage to nearly 256,000 homes, more than 600 schools and 32 hospitals for that very reason.

The increase in damage occurred despite an annual decrease of almost 27% in the number of incidents, with 435 events quantified.

“The estimated damages and losses in 2020 increased considerably compared to 2019, the year 2020 is in the eighth seat among the years with the highest value of damages and losses. Damages and losses in relation to the country’s GDP they stood at 0.14%“Said the report.

Cenapred highlighted that Hydrometeorological phenomenon, like hurricanes and storms, were the most harmful, by concentrating almost 99% of the economic losses and about 98% of the affected population.

Then the phenomena followed geological, such as earthquakes, and finally chemical, socio-organizational and health.

2020 was a complicated year, especially in the matter of rains and floods, showing that there is still too much exposed infrastructure that can be affected when there are phenomena that generate disasters such as in Tabasco and Chiapas (southeastern states) ”, acknowledged Cenapred.

The center, a decentralized body of the Secretariat for Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC), also accounted for 83 declarations of emergency and 46 of disaster, which together increased 43.3% annually. The state with the most declarations was Oaxaca, in the south of the country, which accounted for almost a quarter of the total, followed by Chiapas and Veracruz.

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