The rise in local infections with “Corona” in China… and the isolation of a city with 13 million people

The closure measures continued in the Chinese city of Xi’an for the fifth consecutive day, as the authorities recorded 150 new local cases of “Covid-19” yesterday, Sunday, a slight decrease from the previous day.
The number of infections in Xi’an, which has a population of 13 million, remains low compared to many outbreaks worldwide, but the authorities have imposed strict restrictions on movement within and outside the city as part of Beijing’s policy to contain the outbreak as soon as it appears.
The authorities did not announce any new infections with the Omicron mutant of the Corona virus in Xi’an, where 635 confirmed cases were recorded during the period from December 9 to 26. The local asymptomatic cases of 150 on Sunday compared to 155 the day before and accounted for most of the 162 new symptomatic infections in China.
Yesterday, the total of new symptomatic infections in China reached 158.
At the country level, China has detected a few cases of Omicron among international travelers in the south of the country.
The number of new infections on Sunday represented the highest level of symptomatic cases since the daily bulletin issued by the National Health Committee began separating the numbers of symptomatic cases from cases without symptoms at the end of March 2020.

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