VIDEO: “Vibrando alto”, the last message from a young influencer who worked at LinkedIn and who died in a shooting in Tulum

Anjali Ryot.  Young influencer who worked at LinkedIn and died in a shooting in Tulum.

Anjali Ryot. Young influencer who worked at LinkedIn and died in a shooting in Tulum.

Photo: Anjali Ryot Networks / Courtesy

A shooting in a bar Tulum claimed the lives of two foreign tourists, including Anjali Ryot, originally from India who was a passionate travel influencer.

Anjali Ryot She presented herself as a fashion blogger, traveler and dreamer on her social media.

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On Instagram he uploaded a photo with the message: Hello Tulum and “Vibrating with the ocean”, it was Anjali’s last publication along with a video on a pier in the tourist municipality where she was murdered.

It was only in July that the young woman announced that she began working on LinkedIn, and days before her death she was in the Grinnell Glacier, in the State of Montana, in the United States.

On the night of Wednesday, October 20, the influencer, who lived in San José, California, went with a group of friends to the bar “La Malquerida”, located on Calle Centauro and Avenida Tulum.

Inside, a shootout broke out between two criminal groups that dispute the sale of drugs in the area.

The young woman and her friends were left in the crossfire. She and a friend from Germany were killed, while three more foreigners, two Germans and one Dutch, were also injured.

Due to the facts, only one person was arrested. I know It is about José Antonio “N”, who is hospitalized after being injured by the confrontation in which he participated, he received an arrest warrant for the crimes of qualified homicide, attempted murder and injuries.

The Indian Embassy in Mexico expressed its condolences and assured that it was in contact with the authorities.

For his part, The Government of Germany asked its nationals to take security precautions if they are traveling in the Riviera Maya, in an update yesterday to its Foreign Ministry page on travel warnings.

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